Monday 25 June 2012

Case Notes - A House Blessing

Having been contacted through Nottingham Pagan Network I was asked to investigate a case where a house had been up for sale for a long time, had had five potential buyers all of whom pulled out for reasons unrelated to the property but under what the owner described as coincidental circumstances. Owner reported that she felt "the house won't let me go".
I went to visit and found the property had no obvious faults or flaws, it was tidy, clean and pleasant. The owner was a nice lady who, like her house, had no obvious clues about her as to why the hose wasn't selling.

We talked a little about who lived there and what was going on and she told me there were a few things missing or objects being moved and that the house felt as though someone else was in it, her son had seen what he thought was a figure recently - this had never happened before. After a few minutes she commented "And of course all my animals are here, in the garden". I asked her what pets she kept and she told me "just the cats now". It turned out that she'd had a number of pets over the 32 years she'd lived there, the most recent being a dog called Ginny and that they were buried in the garden. Ginny had passed away 2 years previously.

I sat and connected with the energies for a minute and suddenly it all came to me as clear as day. I asked the lady if perhaps she was unwilling to let the house go as much as she felt it was unwilling to let her go? She said that she had prepared herself to leave, had even found somewhere she wanted to live and that she had said her goodbyes etc. Something didn't ring right to me, and when she mentioned the garden again I realised what it was: "You haven't let Ginny move on yet, have you?" I asked her, as gently as I could manage. She started to get a little emotional so I pressed on, I asked what her spiritual / religious views were and she told me she thought all living things have "something", I said "A soul?" and she said "yes". I told her that I believe the same thing and explained that "Ginny's spirit, the part that makes her Ginny, needs to move on, it needs to "go home" now it doesn't live in a physical body any more". She told me she understood that the body in the garden was just bones now and I made the second realisation, "You don't want to leave because you can't take Ginny with you, do you?". She broke down a little more and said that she admitted I was right. I explained to her (still receiving guidance from the energies that were connected to me) that "Ginny needs to go home before the part of her that belongs with you can come with you, stay with YOU, not the house. Right now Ginny's still in the house". I don't know where this bit of insight came from, and the lady said "not in the garden?" and I could only reply, completely confidently, "No, in the house".

She offered me a coffee as she re-composed her self and I followed her to the kitchen, ready to dowse with my pendulum for the right place. I stoped at a door into a small conservatory which had a connecting door to another room too and as I stood there I got another flash of realisation. "Was there a part of the house that you didn't allow Ginny to go in?" I asked her, "You know, some people don't let their pets in the bedroom or on the furniture or whatever . . . a place they knew they weren't allowed to be but that they always wanted to go . . . where you'd find them if they got half a chance - because I feel that that is where we'[ll find Ginny now?" The lady stopped still and said soemthing like "Well that's weird!". So I waited and she said yes, there was a room where the dogs weren't allowed. I said "Its this one, isn't it?", indicating the connecting door and she replied "The dining room . .  yes it is.Ginny wasn't allowed in there when we were eating but she used to try to get in . . I think she just wanted to be with us". "She still does," I told her, "Maybe thats why she's picked that room?".

When we went into the dining room, it was darker than the rest and though the garden looked bright and lovely from the window the room was cold and still (more than just from the fact that it obviously didn't get as much use as the rest of the house). She asked me what I was going to do but I told her that she had to empower herself to do this herself, to talk to Ginny. I told her Ginny needed to know that the lady understood that Ginny had to "go home" before Ginny felt she could leave. The lady asked me again "So Ginny's got to go away before she can come back?". "Not quite," I told her "The part of Ginny that "belongs" with you won't ever leave but its that rest of Ginny that doesn't belong here any more, her energy isn't in her body and it needs to go home. When it does, the part that's left is with you, not the house".

I left her in the dining room, shutting the door and returned to the living room where the tv was on. I glanced at it just in time to hear an advert where a woman said "I've seen this film, is the dog dead yet?" to her weepy friends sitting on the sofa!!!!! THAT'S the sound of the energies laughing . . . . .

When the lady came back she was almost a different person. She was smiling and was brighter and lighter. She said "That's it, she was there and now she isn't!". The sun came out right then and the house was "lifted" with the light. "She said "I can't tell you how I feel . . relieved? I am sad because I miss her but I actually felt her go, if that makes sense?"  I nodded "There's still a parting, its fine to be sad because you miss her physically, but she loves you so much she couldn't pass on until she knew you understood, now you do so she's gone home." and the lady looked around and said "This is just bricks and mortar now, I can sell it and it will be ok". I just nodded and smiled, didn't need to say anything.

I can't promise this lady that her house will sell, but I can promise her that she will be able to let go now when the time comes, safe in the knowledge that she's not leaving her beloved Ginny behind now. I also suspect the disturbances will stop too, that they were symptoms of Ginny trying desperately hard to let her beloved friend know how much she loved her and how she had to let her go.

I love dogs, and miss my Cheekie too, after all these years . .      :)

Postscript: 4 Weeks later the lady contacted me again  to tell me the house was sold . . .